Pe-2Sh 'Shturmovik' variants, V.M.Petlyakov

36k b/w, second Pe-2Sh variant from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.158

First attempt to convert Pe-2 into ground attack aircraft was done in 1941. Series aircraft received extra pair of 20mm ShVAK cannons and 12.7mm UB machinegun, installed under fuselage.

Later another Pe-2 was equipped with two ShVAK cannons and two ShKAS machineguns, also firing forward. All four guns could be turned synchronically down up to 40° (see picture).

In 1942 more powerful attack version with MV gun pack, containing two ShVAK cannons and two UB was flown.

All three aircraft remained experimental and did not enter series production because the 'niche' of ground strike and close support was occupied by Il-2, built in large numbers.


Pe-2 1941 series

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