Technical data
Type Pe-3bis
Function Multirole
Year 1941
Crew 2
Engines 2*1100hp M-105R
Length 12.6m
Height 3.42m
Wingspan 13.57m
Wing area 40.5m2
Empty weight 5870kg
Loaded weight 8040kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 199
Power load (kg/hp) 3.7
Speed at 0m 448km/h
Speed at 5300m 530km/h
Range 2150km
Ceiling 9100m
5000m 10.2min
Guns (attack) 1*20mm ShVAK
2*12.7mm UB
1*7.62mm ShKAS
Guns (defence) 1*12.7mm UB
Bombs 3*100kg FAB-100
Rockets 8*RS-82 under the wings

Pe-3bis multirole aircraft by V.M.Petlyakov

12k drawing of Pe-3bis found at Pe-3/Pe-3bis page, Watson's Military collection

More successful fighter adaptation of the Pe-2 than the Pe-3 had been. Armed with forward firing array of 20mm cannon, pair of 12.7mm and one 7.62mm machineguns (last one mostly for 'aiming'). Grid airbrakes were removed, automatic slats installed.

Photoequipment was installed to perform reconnaissance missions. Often carried powerful "flash-light" on tip of one wing for night intercept.

First flown by S.I.Sofronov, Pe-3bis was widely used as interceptor, night fighter, reconnaissater and light bomber, even as anti-ship aircraft. Sole weakness was luck of ventral defensive gun;

About 300 were built, often referred to as a Pe-3.


Pe-2 1941 series


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