Technical data
Type Po-2LS
Function Liaison
Year 1945
Crew 1
Engines 1*115hp M-11K
Length 8.17m
Height ?m
Wingspan 11.4/10.4m
Wing area 31.5m2
Empty weight 800kg
Loaded weight 1150kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 36.5
Power load (kg/hp) 10
Maximum Speed ?km/h
Landing Speed 45km/h
Landing Roll ?m
Takeoff Roll ?m
Range ?km
Ceiling ?m
1000m ?min
Fuel ?kg
Seats 2
Cargo ?kg

Po-2LS limousine by M.M.Kulik

Pretty radical development of the Po-2 biplane, undertaken in April 1945 by GVF engineer Mikhail Markelovich Kulik. Aircraft was intended for liaison transportation (Limusin Sviaznoj, communication limousine).

Lower wing was shortened by 1m and its ailerons were replaced by full-span slotted flaps. Flaps could be lowered by up to 45°. Ailerons on the upper wing were enlarged. Both wings got fixed leading edge slats made of 0.8mm duralumin. Tailplane was adjustable - and also linked with the flaps.

Cabin for pilot and two passengers was covered by airdynamically shaped plexiglas canopy. Access was through the port side door. Strong framing of the door served as a replacement one of fuselage spars which had to be cut through.

Result of the wing modification was eye catching. Landing speed was only 45km/h (hey, I just can't drive my car that slow!). With lowered flaps gliding angle was only 12°, no abnormal performance was noticed during trials.

No production.


U-2 (Po-2)

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