Technical data
Type PS-40-2M-100A
Function transport
Year 1938
Crew 2?
Engines 2*860hp M-100A
Length 12.27m
Wingspan 20.33m
Wing area 56.7m2
Maximum weight 6400kg
Speed (0m) 308km/h
Speed (3800m) 341km/h

PS-40-2M-100A, A.A.Arhangelsky/ A.N.Tupolev

In 1938 some number of retired SB-2M-100A were transfered to the Aeroflot for civil services as mail/cargo delivery. Flight weight was limited by 6400kg. Speed with fixed skis was 308km/h at 0m and 341km/h on 3800m. Three cargo bays were fitted in fuselage (2.58m3 total).

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  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.15

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