Technical data
Year 1936
Function reconnaissater
light bomber
Crew 2
Engine M-25V 730hp (later M-25E, M-88, M-62 and M-63 were used on production aircraft)
Wing Span 12.2m
Wing Area 26.8m2
Length 9.4m
Empty Weight 2197kg
Take off Weight 2877kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 107
Power load (kg/hp) 3.9
Speed at 0m 340km/h
Speed at 2900m 370km/h
High altitude Speed with M-25E 485km/h
1000m 2.4min
5000m 14.4min
Range 1300km
Ceiling 6700m
Guns 3*mg7.62mm ShKAS
Bombs 300kg (6*FAB-50) inside

R-10, I.G.Neman

Drawing (56k) of P-10 recco from 'Modelist-Konstructor' magazine;

KhAI-5 was a prototype of the fast photoreconnaissance aircraft. It featured numerous innovations developed for KhAI-1 aircraft, including retractable gear, wing and control surfaces with stressed skin, internal bomb/camera bay, new type of gunner's turret, and remotely controlled camera capable to make shots at 80° relatively to flight direction. Neman's slogan was "No parts in the air flow", so the whole design was very clean.

R-10 participated in 1939 clashes with Japan in Mongolia and in the 1939 aggression against Finland.

Aircraft turned to be very sturdy and lasting for wooden design - still in service until 1943 as reconnaissater and attack aircraft.

Over 490 built.

  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.42;
  • Article in 'Modelist-Konstructor' magazine;

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  • R-10, Neman

  • Contour drawing of R-10, 'Modelist-Konstructor' magazine;


  • R-10 at AviaArt by Vladimir Trofimov

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