Technical data
Year 1939
Function Reconnaissater
Crew 2
Engine 2x960hp M-103
Empty Weight 3,796kg
Maximum Weight 5,023kg
Wing Span 14.0m
Wing Area 29.4m2
Length 10.18m
Speed 567km/h
Climb to 5000m 5.75min
Range 1,050km
Ceiling 10,800m
Guns 2mg7.62mm ShKAS
Bombs 8*20kg in bomb bay ('lanterns' for night missions)

R-12, A.S.Yakovlev

Drawing (55k) from 'Modelist-Konstructor' magazine;

Reconnaissance version of the Ya-22. Soon it became obvious that neither strong defence or ceiling can save reconnaissater from fighter attacks. Only high speed and agility could help, and during the WWII many fighters vere converted for reconnaissance missions.

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