Technical data
Type R-3LD
Function Reconnaissater
Year 1927
Crew 2
Engines 1*450hp Lorraine-Dietrich
Length 9.89m
Wingspan 13.0m
Wing area 37.0m2
Empty weight 1340kg
Loaded weight 2090kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 56.5
Power load (kg/hp) 4.65
Speed at 0m 204km/h
Speed at 3000m193km/h
Landing Speed 85km/h
Turn time 21sec
Ceiling 4920m
1000m 4.2min
2000m 9.4min
3000m 16.6min
4000m 27.9min
Guns 2*mg
Bombs 200kg

R-3LD, PS-3 by A.N.Tupolev

41k b/w R-3LD "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.369

During construction an trials of R-3 variants about 100 French-built 450hp 'Lorraine-Dietrich' engines were purchased. Installation of this engine on R-3 allowed to improve aircraft balance (moving CG forward) and gave aircraft more power.

Construction and flight trials of the pre-series aircraft were completed in June 1927, and new R-3 variant was put into production as a R-3LD (LD for 'Lorraine-Dietrich'). After minor refinement R-3LD production was launched at '10th Anniversary of October (revolution)' Factory.

Until Summer 1929 79 R-3LD were built. One was transferred to Aeroflot under designation PS-3. It served in Yakutia as a mail/newspaper delivery aircraft.


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  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.369-370;
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