General Info
Function Recce
Year 1958
Crew 1
Powerplant (2)
Type A-30 (Soloviev)
Thrust ?kg
Size (m)
Length 26.7
Wingspan 8.5
Wing area ?m2
Weight (kg) and Loads
Empty ?
Loaded ?
Wing Load (kg/m2) ?
Speed ?km/h
Range ?km
Ceiling ?m

RGSR project, P.V.Tsibin

31k RGSR drawing by Igor Soultanov, from RGSR at 'True supersonics!'

Popular in mid 50's idea of supersonic hydroplanes in the role of reconnaissaters and bombers resulted in number of projects (R.L.Bartini, V.M.Myasichev). The idea was to use specialized submarine tankers for refueling aircraft during strategic transcontinental missions.

None of those projects materialized due to internal problems and success of ballistic missiles and explosive growth of satellite technology.

RSR None
  • P.V.Tsibin at 'True Supersonics'
  • R-020/RSR/NM-1 Page
  • 'Ahead of Time'
  • RSR at 'True Supersonics'
  • information about Soviet reconnaissance programs

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