General Information
Type RK-0020
Function General, Primary Trainer
Year Unknown
Crew 2
Type M-332A
Power 160hp?
Size (m)
Length 6.3
Height 2.6
Wingspan 10
Wing area (m2) 12
Weights (kg) and loads
Empty ?
Maximum 720
Wing Load (kg/m2) 60
Power load (kg/hp) 4.5
Speed (km/h)
Maximum 250
Cruising 150
Takeoff (no flaps) 80
Takeoff (with flaps) 70
Stall 65
Fuel 40 to 100l

RK-0020 two-seater by Russian Wings

RK-0020 from

Multi-purpose two-seater with easy handling and strong airframe, best suited for primary pilots training. It also may be used for patrol and tourism.

RK-0020 was designed specially for domestic Russian market. Construction of the engine mounts and cradle allows to fit various 80 to 160hp engines (not heavier than 120kg). Tricycle landing gear with large wheels allows to operate from unprepared fields and unpaved graded roads. Main wheels have effective hydraulic brakes. If necessary, aircraft may be equipped with skis or floats.

Roomy tandem tandem cabin has two full sets of controls and instruments. Ventilation and heating system are installed.

For easy storage and transportation tailplane and wing panels are made detachable. RK-0020 may be towed on its main wheels by car.

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