Technical data
Type ROM-1
Function Reconnaissater flying boat
Year 1927
Crew 4
Engines 2*450hp Lorraine-Dietrich
Length 16.0m
Wingspan 28.0m
Wing area 104.6m2
Empty weight 4518kg
Loaded weight 5830kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 56.0
Power load (kg/hp) 6.5
Speed at 0m 165km/h
Takeoff Speed 118km/h
Landing Speed 85km/h
Landing Roll 13sec
Takeoff Roll 25sec
Turn time 80sec
Range 800km
Flight Endurance 5h
Ceiling 3470m
1000m 10.1min
2000m 25.3min
3000m 54min
Guns 4*mg
Bombs ???

ROM-1, MDR-1, MR-3 by D.P.Grigorovich, P.D.Samsonov and V.B.Shavrov (OMOS)

86k drawing from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.398

Long range maritime reconnaissater, sesquiplane flying boat with two engines installed in tandem on the upper wing. Lower wing (hermetically sealed) was installed slightly above the waterline and carried two floats. The 'wing box' included 20 struts.

Aircraft was ordered during Summer 1925, the task was considered of high priority. According to the TZ, the hull had to be all metal (aluminum alloy), the wing - wooden. V.B.Shavrov was responsible for hull design, P.D.Samsonov - for wing and powerplant. The hull layout was chosen as simple as possible to avoid complicated procedures. Thickness of the walls was from 1.0mm above the waterline and 1.5...2.0mm below.

Tail surfaces had aluminum alloy frame with fabric cover.

During static tests insufficient wing rigidity was revealed. Additional spars were added along with other reinforcements. Aircraft gained about 600kg of weight...

ROM-1 suffered from same problem as some other aircraft of D.P.Grigorovich - too rear CG location. To fix the problem engines, fuel tanks and payload were moved forward.

Armament included two turrets (TUR-4 and TUR-5) with four machineguns, bomb racks (Sbr-8) and bomber aiming device in the nose cockpit.

Aircraft was ready in Fall 1927. Trial flights started in Leningrad (pilot L.I.Giksa), continued in November 1927 in Sevastopol (S.T.Rybalchuk). Fall 1928 brought out a conclusion: ROM-1 is unsuitable as a combat aircraft.

Designation MDR-1, MR-3 probably are the (planned) service and factory designations.

ROM-2 ROM-2bis MDR-1

  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.398-400;
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