Technical data
Type RS
Function Bomber
Year 1956
Crew 1
Engines (boosters) 2*? liquid rocket
Engines (cruise) 2*RD-012 ramjets
Length ?m
Height ?m
Wingspan ?m
Wing area ?m2
Loaded weight ?kg
Speed 3000km/h
Range (with
12500 to 13000km
Fuel ?kg
Bombs 1*T-Nuclear 3000kg?

RS project by N.V.Tsibin

Starting May 23, 1955 N.V.Tsybin team started working on a project of a single seat supersonic (3000 km/h) bomber. Designated 'RS', this aircraft had to be carried by specially equipped Tu-95N (modification performed in 1958) or by special carrier '108' (A.N.Tupolev project, started in 1956).

Project was presented on January 31, 1956. 'RS' used two liquid fuel rocket boosters and pair of PVRD RD-012 ramjets by M.M.Bondaruk. 'Delivery range' of this two-stage system was estimated as 12500...13000km.

Soon it became clear that 3000ton thermo-nuclear bomb leaves no room for life support systems within tight weight limits of the project. In 1956 RS bomber was converted into high altitude reconnaissater RSR.

RSS (S-30) RSR
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