Technical data
Type S-10A
Function Reconnaissance
Year 1913
Crew 2
Engines 1*125hp Anzani
Length -
Wing Span 13.7m / 8.8m
Wing Area 35.5m2
Ceiling 3420m

S-10A, I.I.Sikorsky

68k b/w S-10A on floats. Courtesy of Carl J. Bobrow;

S-10A differed from other aircraft of the S-10 family by smaller wing and crew seats placed one behind another. It was substantially faster than its siblings, but still had no chance to win the contest in 1913. So the flight trials were not completed, despite pilot G.V.Alekhnovich set Russian altitude record (3420m) and then glided from Krasnoe Selo to Korpusnoj airfield.

Later engine was replaced by 100hp Gnome Monosaupape and aircraft was installed on floats. Tests were successful, and 6 more S-10A hydroplanes were built, 5 with 100hp and one with 115hp Argus. Floats were similar to ones of the S-5 hydroplane.

Pilots expressed concerns about slim tails of S-10 as well as about their overall 'shaky structure'. But no one of those aircraft broke. Moreover, pilot I.I.Kulnev flew up-side-down (Libava, Dec.15, 1913) at altitude 300-400m, and managed to get back safe from this position.

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