Technical data
Type SB-2M-100A
Function Bomber
Year 1936
Crew 4
Engines 2*860hp M-100A
Length 12.27m
Wingspan 20.33m
Wing area 56.7m2
Empty weight 4138kg
Loaded weight 5748kg
Maximum weight 6420kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 101
Power load (kg/hp) 3.3
Speed (0m) 372km/h
Speed (4000m) 424km/h
Speed (5200m) -
Climb (1000m) 1.6min
Climb (5000m) 7.5min
Ceiling 9560m
Range 2150km
Take off 300m/16sec
Landing 300m/32sec
Guns 4*mg7.62mm ShKAS
Bombs 2*250kg or 6*100kg

SB-2M-100A, A.A.Arhangelsky/ A.N.Tupolev

16k b/w drawing of SB-2M-100A (by I.G.Sultanov) from History of aircraft construction in the USSR Vol.2 p.13

During 1936 the M-100 engine was modified, and later same year it was introduced on the SB bomber, resulting in SB-2M-100A modification. Some of series aircraft were equipped with 3-blade variable pitch (2 positions: takeoff and cruise) propellers VISh-2. Ceiling was increased by 1160m, takeoff became 150m shorter, climb rate increased, but maximum speed decreased slightly (4km/h).

During production several modifications were introduced in cockpit equipment, armament. Bomb bay was modified to allow both horizontal and vertical bomb storage.

Table presents data for aircraft with 2-blade fixed pitch propellers.

Modified SB-2M-100A with improved armament (new turret, better aiming device for the belly gun) was built and tested in May-June 1937. It had speed 412km/h and loaded weight 5810kg. Passed the tests, but did not enter series production.

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  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.14-15

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