Technical data
Type SBbis3 SB-2M-103 mod.1939
Function Bomber
Year 1937 1939
Crew 4
Engines 2*960hp M-103
Length 12.24m
Wingspan 20.33m
Wing area 56.7m2
Empty weight - 4768
Loaded weight 6013kg 6380kg
Maximum weight - 7880kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 106 112.5
Power load (kg/hp) 3.1 3.3
Speed (0m) 375km/h 375km/h
Speed (4100m) - 450km/h
Speed (4500m) 445km/h -
Climb (1000m) - 1.8min
Climb (4000m) - 7.0min
Climb (5000m) - 9.5min
Ceiling 9800m 9300m
Range 1600km 1900km
Take off - 370m
Landing - 497m
Guns 4*mg7.62mm ShKAS
Bombs (bay) 2*250kg or 6*100kg
Bombs (external) 2*250kg or 2*500kg

SBbis3, A.A.Arhangelsky/ A.N.Tupolev

16k b/w drawing (by I.G.Sultanov) of SBbis3 from History of aircraft construction in the USSR, Vol.2 p.13

Development of the SB-2M-103 featuring new engine cowling with tunnel variable intake radiators instead of the 'honeycomb' ones. Water-oil cooling circle was replaced by air-oil.

Test continued November 1, 1937 - January 17, 1938. Speed was increased, but aircraft required serious refinement. Those modifications continued through 1938, with few small series of SBbis3 built during this period.

16k b/w drawing (by I.G.Sultanov) of year 1939 modification from History of aircraft construction in the USSR, Vol.2 p.13

In 1939 this aircraft took its final shape. Air intakes chosen fixed ones, leading edges of the wing and tail surfaces were polished. Variable pitch propellers became a standard (VISh-2, later - VISh-22).

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