Technical data
Type SM-92 'Finist'
Function General
Year 1993
Crew 1-2
Engines 1*360hp M-14P
Length m
Wingspan m
Wing area m2
Empty weight 1400kg
Loaded weight 2350kg
Wing Load (kg/m2)
Power load (kg/hp) 6.53
Cruise Speed 230km/h
Maximum Speed 290km/h
Landing Speed km/h
Landing Roll 250m
Takeoff Roll 250m
Range 1300km
Flight Endurance 7.5h
Ceiling m
1000m min
Fuel (max) 380l
Seats 7
or Cargo 600kg

SM-91 and SM-92 'Finist', TechnoAvia

(18k) SM-92 utility aircraft... The Russians Are Coming! So what?
Photo (16k) from European Utility-Aircraft

Light multirole aircraft SM-92 'Finist' was designed at TechnoAvia enterprise in 1993. All-metal high wing monoplane, powered with widely used M-14P (car gasoline allowed). Automatic variable-pitch 3-blade "Muehlbauer" propeller is installed.

Specially for SM-92 new wing profile (P-301M-15) was developed. High aspect ratio wing has very high airdynamic quality 15 in cruising configuration and very high lift force coefficient (2.8) in landing/takeoff configuration. Large tailplane are allows wide range of payload distribution in the cabin. Standard large sliding door allows to fulfill all aircraft roles without any modifications.

The airplane can be flown practically from any scarcely prepared fields with low sub-soil strength, this is ensured by a spring-type landing gear and tail wheel configuration. On ether wheels (special low-pressure tires are optional), skis or floats, SM-92 may carry out a number of possible rugged civilian and military applications:

Photo (12k) from Serge Lazukov (MAKS'97)

Armed SM-92P was tested under order of Russian Federal Border Service. Aircraft was tested and accepted for production, with demand of hundreds airframes.

Navigation equipment installed on 'Finist' - King VFR (US-made). The airplane's flight and navigation equipment allows to operate the airplane by day and night under VFR or IFR conditions. SM-92 is certified to FAR-23 flight standards. Production is under way at Smolensk Aircraft Factory.

Armed SM-91; Photo (18k) by Brian Lockett, Tushino-96 Airshow;
Photo (24k) from Aeroworlnet MAKS'97 photo gallery

The first built SM-92 is flown by Sir Michael Krimbl, chief-pilot of Great Britain Qeen, another serves at Brussels airclub.

In 1995 'Finist' performed a round-the-world flight, it often appears at airshows (Moscow, Berlin, Paris, London,...). North American debut took place at Airshow Canada '95.

The Finist is available at a price that can't be matched. For 185000$ base-price plus avionics, it's more value than any other aircraft in its class.

12k 3D drawing from European Utility-Aircraft used for background.
None SM-91 military SM-92P border patrol

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