General Information
Type I-3 (SP-91)
Function Trainer, Aerobatic
Year ?
Crew 1 or 2
Type M-14P (Lycoming O540)
Power at ?m 360hp (260hp)
Length 6.77m
Height (parked) 2.2m
Wingspan 8.1m
Wing area 11.54m2
Weights and loads
Empty (one seat) 749kg
Empty (two seats) 769kg
Loaded (maximum) 1063kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) XX
Power load (kg/hp) XX
Maximum level 350km/h
Maximum allowed 450km/h
Maximum full control deflection 450km/h
Stall (landing) 105km/h
Inverted stall 105km/h
Roll rate 345°/sec
g-load (one seat) +12/-10
g-load (2 seats) +11/-9
Landing 452m
Takeoff 200m
Ferry 700km
Ceiling ?m
at 0m 19m/sec
Fuel ?kg
Price under $100,000

I-3 (SP-91) aerobatic/trainer by Interavia

24k photo from I-3 page at Mirny Aeroclub

The E-3 is the export version of the SP-91, a multipurpose sport aerobatic and training aircraft capable of being changed between single and two seat configuration with minimal work. Conversion may be done less than in 1 hour in airfield conditions. It is designed to have exceptional aerobatic performance, tremendous strength (concept of maximum safe damage), and a long service life while also having a low landing speed, good cruise speed, and honest handling characteristics.

The aircraft is a single engine monoplane of all metal construction utilizing electro-chemical coating of the metal for superior corrosion prevention. Fixed landing gear - conventional taildragger. Cockpit is equipped for good weather daylight flights. The wing is of one piece design with a symmetrical profile airfoil and utilizes multi-longeron spar construction to prevent the possibility of catastrophic failure. The ailerons may be drooped for landing and takeoff.

This aircraft is powered by the M-14P engine. This engine is a single row air cooled supercharged radial with nine cylinders. The fuel and oil systems are adapted for both level and inverted flight.

The aircraft may be equipped with either the V-530 TA-D35 variable pitch two bladed propeller, the MT-3 and MT-9 three bladed propellers, or the Whirlwind three bladed propeller.

The aircraft may be configured for the following:

Overlay drawing of E-3 variants from I-3 (E-3) page at Shadetree Aviation, Inc.

In many respects the E-3 is unique in aviation history. It is both a single seater and a two seater in one aircraft. It is easier to fly than a Decathalon, while being able to compete successfully at the unlimited level. In addition it cruises well and even has a baggage compartment! You can take your wife or husband for a holiday cruise and then go out and compete with the best the next weekend. It does it all and it is of all metal construction allowing for inspection and repair at any qualified service center. None of the uncertainties of composite construction are present.

Some confusion exists around airplane designation. It is known as:

On August 2000, 19 aircraft were sold to Great Britain, Switzerland, USA, and Spain. (MDM Bank News)

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