Technical data
Type Su-15 'Flagon-F'
Function fighter
Year 1965
Crew 1
Engines 2*70.6kN Tumansky R-13F2-300
Speed M2.1
Ceiling 20000m
Range 725km

Su-15, P.O.Sukhoj 'Flagon'

Photo by Paul Nann taken at Monino;

The Flagon combined the tailed delta configuration of the Su-9 with twin engines, side intakes and large radar nose. It was the first really capable all-weather interceptor of the PVO. The Su-15 became infamous when one shot down a Korean Air Lines 747. Such incident was only a matter of time with numerous provocative violation by foreign aircraft and disgusting disrespect to international flight regulations by KAL crews.

Another shot by Paul Nann, at Khodynka (48k)

Su-15 retired in 1992.

Photo by Paul Nann taken at Zhukovsky

See article at Fair concerning USA and USSR practice of shooting down civil planes. BTW, KAL at last accepted the responsibility for allowing its aircraft to enter illegally Soviet airspace... Better later than never.

Wrong designation - Su-21;
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  • Prototype(s) T-58

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