Technical data
Type Su-17 'Fitter-C'
Function attack
Year 1971
Crew 1
Engines 1*11340kg Lyulka AL-21F-3
Speed 2304km/h
Ceiling 18000m
Guns 2*g30mm
Bombs&Rockets 5000kg

Su-17/S-23, P.O.Sukhoj 'Fitter'

Su-17M1 'Fitter-C' (33k), Khodynka, Paul Nann;

The Su-17 (bureau designation S-23) was a large step in the development of the Su-7B to a more useful attack aircraft. The most important change was the introduction of swiveling outer wing panels, improving take-off and landing performance, and thus allowing a larger weapons load.

Impact of this modification was great : with 50% more payload Takeoff Roll became twice as short and range twice as large.

  • S-22I

  • Modification(s)
  • Su-20 - export version;
  • Su-22 - export version;
  • Su-17UM - Trainer version;

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