Technical data
Type Su-24MK
Function attack
Year 1974
Crew 2
Engines 2 * 110kN Lyulka AL-21F-3A
Wing Span 17.63m--10.36m
Length 24.53m
Height 6.19m
Wing Area 55.16m2
Empty Weight 22320kg
Maximum Weight 39700kg
Speed M1.35
Ceiling 17500m
Range 2850km
Armament 1*g30mm

Su-24, P.O.Sukhoj 'Fencer'

(30k, 53k) - forgotten WEB source...

A variable geometry strike/attack aircraft, similar in its concept to the U.S. F-111, but more optimized for the low-level tactical strike role.

(80k) - forgotten WEB source...

There also are reconnaissance versions.

Wrong, but wide spread designation : Su-19;

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