Technical data
Type Su-25 'Frogfoot-A'
Function attack
Year 1978
Crew 1
Engines 2*4000kg Tumansky R-95 (R-195?)
Max TakeOff Weight 17.600kg
Speed 975km/h
Ceiling 7000m
Range 1,250km
Guns 1*g30mm or/and 1*g23mm
Underwing Assorted Gun pods;
NURS containers;
guided AA missiles;
bombs (including laser guided)
Total 4,400kg

Su-25 P.O.Sukhoj (NATO 'Frogfoot')

Great photo (68k!) from Russian Aircraft Resource

Heavily armored attack and anti-tank aircraft. The Su-25 is a well-armored aircraft, capable of carrying a large load under its shoulder-placed wing. It was extensively used in Afghanistan, and experience there led to major improvements like titanium plate between engines.

Once payload released, Su-25 is capable to accelerate to Mach 1+, what may be pretty handy for escape purposes.

A navalized version was built for the large carriers. Unarmored and unarmed version is an aerobatic jet Su-...

Aerobatic unarmed version : Su-28;

Recent upgrade : Su-39;

Czech AF Su-25, Photo (13k) by Ian Woodrow was found among his Planes and Things;

Two photos (50k, 47k) by Ken Duffey ( taken at Moscow Aero-Kosmic Show 1995, found at Russian Aviation Page maintained by A.Gretchihine; Navalized trainer and one with radar pod.
Colorful Su-25 from Lieven Devitt and Stefaan Vanhastel Page;

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