Technical data
Type Su-26
Function Aerobatic
Year 1984
Crew 1
Engines 1*360hp Vedeneyev M-14P
Length ?m
Wingspan ?m
Wing area ?m2
Empty weight 680kg
Loaded weight 835kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) ?
Power load (kg/hp) 2.33
Maximum Horizontal Speed 310km/h
Speed Limit 450km/h
G-limits +12/-10
Roll rate 400°/sec
Landing Speed 115km/h
Landing Roll ?m ?sec
Takeoff Roll ?m ?sec
Range 800km
Ceiling ?m
Rate at 0m 18m/sec
1000m 1.0min

Su-26, Su-26M, Su-26M2, Su-26MKh 'Suchok' by V.P.Kondratiev ( Sukhoj KB)

44k photo of Su-26M Ever Changing Page maintained by Roy Cochrun;

Aerobatic aircraft, one of the first of the composite material, monoplane design aerobatic aircraft of the modern era. Su-26 is equipped by 3-blade propeller, driven by geared engine. Superior design quality allows aircraft of Su-26 family stay competitive for 14 years on extremely demanding and quickly progressing market of aerobatic planes.

On June 1984 Su-26 trainer/aerobatic aircraft first flown by Eugene Frolov.

August 1986 - Su-26M of the Russian team won the 1-st place of the world championship at Békéscsaba, Hungary. Since than Su-26M pilots won more than 150 medals on the World and European championships, including 90 golden.

February 1990 - export version Su-26MKh entered production.

Later models have strengthened airframe after series of flight accidents caused by breaking roots of the wing spars. Scrupulous investigation revealed increased capabilities of pilots, while aircraft perfectly corresponded to specifications. Some aerobatic pilots (even female!) were found capable to withstand -10+12g maneuvers without blackening out. And it was the construction limit of an airframe!

As a result, all recent Russian aerobatic planes are built with calculated maximum g-factor 22.5 and service g-factor 15;

More than 30 Su-26M fly in Russian clubs and 20 are in service all over the World;

Russian nickname 'Suchok' stays for bough, knot;

? Su-26M
Su-26MKh with wing external fuel tanks
Su-26M2 with smoke flight tracer and additional fuel tank;


Su-32 trainer

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