Technical data
Type Su-27
Year 1977
Crew 1
Engines 2*8100kg/12500kg Lyulka AL-31F
Wing Span 14.7m
Length 21.94m
Wing Area 62.0m2
Empty Weight ?
Normal Weight 22500kg
Maximum Weight 28000kg
Combat payload 6000kg
Speed M2.35 (2500km/h)
g-Limit 9.0
Ceiling 18,500m
Range 3,800km
Guns 1*30mm
Missiles 10+ hardpoints :
R-27A increased range;
R-73 close range;

Su-27, P.O.Sukhoj 'Flanker'

In flight (40k) and cockpit view (125k) from WWW FTP

The Su-27 is a big long-range air superiority fighter, comparable to the U.S. F-15 but superior in many respects. Pulse-Doppler radar (1.076m diameter) provides guaranteed detection of targets ('light fighter' class) at 80-100km in the front hemisphere and 30-40km in the rear. Radar electronics allows simultaneous tracking of 10 targets and rocket firing against two of those, no matter in 'clear air' or on ground/sea background.

Opto-electronic tracking system increases reliability of targeting complex and detects high-speed targets at 40km in front hemisphere and at 90-100km in the rear one. Combination of those two allows to track and attack targets ranging from high-speed high-altitude reconnaissaters to low-level compact targets like cruise missiles and drones.

10 hardpoints allow to carry wide variety of AA missiles.

At the beginning of 1996 Russian VVS possessed 450 Su-27, above 300 of those assigned to PVO.

Su-27 became a base model for a wide family of aircraft :

T-10 prototype of the Su-27 series;
Su-27UB two-seat trainer (1985);
Su-27IB attack/bomber prototype;
Su-34 attack aircraft with side-by-side seating in a reshaped nose;
Su-30 two-seat long-range interceptor;
Su-27K/Su-33 "Korabelnij", Carrier-based fighter development;
Su-35 redesigned Su-27 with canards, new engine, radar, etc.;
Su-37 most recent upgrade with vectoring nozzles (and more?);
P-42 unarmed record setter;
Su-27KUB/Su-33UB naval deck trainer/strike/fighter
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    take off run...(145k) demonstrating its top side...(109k) ...and touchdown (130k)!
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    M.A.K.S.-95, by Paul Nann
    Su-27 (P-42?) near vertical (58k) Two in takeoff - single-seater and double-seater (151k)

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