Technical data
Type Su-27IB, T-10B-1
Function Fighter-Bomber prototype
Year 1990
Crew 2
Engines 2*12800kg AL-31F
Length m
Height m
Wingspan m
Wing area m2
Empty weight kg
Loaded weight kg
Wing Load (kg/m2)
Speed at 0m km/h
Speed at m km/h
Landing Speed km/h
Landing Roll m sec
Takeoff Roll m sec
Turn time sec
Range km
Flight Endurance hmin
Ceiling m
1000m min
Fuel kg
Guns 1*
Bombs ?
Rockets ?

Su-27IB, T-10B-1 ,T-10B-2 by R.G.Martirosov (Sukhoj OKB)

32k photo of 'aircraft 42' from 'Russkaja Sila' site

In early 80s Soviet fighter-bomber and frontline bomber forces consisted of Su-17, MiG-27 and Su-24 of various modifications. Advanced for mid-70s, those aircraft were to became more and more outdated. In early 80s Sukhoj OKB concentrated its efforts on new front-line fighter bomber, based on successful Su-27 design which just entered series production.

Designation Su-27IB was chosen (IB stays for Istrebitel-Bombardirovschik, Fighter-Bomber), while factory designation was T-10B. Based on two-seater fighter-trainer Su-27UB airframe, Su-27IB featured side-by-side heavily armored cockpit for pilot and navigator/weapon operator (like on Su-24). This solution allowed to avoid duplication of some indicators and controls, improved communications between crew members. Room behind the seats is utilized for exercise space, lavatory, 'kitchen' for extended flight. Crew entrance is through nosewheel well, clam shell canopy goes open for emergency ejection or seats service only. Other changes included introduction of canards (like on Su-35 and Su-37 fighters), in-flight refueling system (same as seen on Su-27K, Su-27M and Su-30) and removed ventral fins.

First aircraft T-10B-1 (board number '42') was ready in 1990. Except the nose section, it was identical to Su-27UB. First takeoff took place on April 13 at LII, test-pilot A.A.Ivanov on controls. Aircraft was used to study performance of aircraft with new nose section and to optimize in-flight refueling process.

24k photo of 'aircraft 43' from 'Russkaja Sila' site

The second experimental aircraft (T-10B-2, '43') was built at mass production Novosibirsk NAPO named after V.P.Chkalov. First flown by test-pilots I.V.Votintsev and E.G.Revunov on December 18, 1993. T-10B-2 had original twin-wheel main undercarriage.

First publication about new aircraft appeared in 'Izvestija' newspaper on January 6, 1994. T-10B was mentioned as a 'front-line bomber Su-34', and the designation controversy started...




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