Technical data
Type Su-30
Function fighter
Year 1988/ 1992
Crew 2
Engines 2 * 12800kg Lyulka AL-31F
Wing Span 14.70m
Wing Area 62.00m2
Length 21.94m
Normal Weight 2400kg
Maximum Weight 3300kg
Speed 0 alt. 1300km/h
Speed at altitude 2450km/h
Ceiling 17500m
Range 3000km
with refueling 5200km
Combat Payload 8000kg at 10 hardpoints
Gun 1*30mm GSh-301
Rockets R-27R1/T1

Su-30 / T-10PU-5 / T-10PU-6 / 10PU-4, P.O.Sukhoj


There are severe problems faced by Russian PVO:

This requires to switch to aircraft with increased range, flight duration and payload, equipped with advanced observation/tracking system. The Su-30 (Su-30K?) is a two-seat long-range version of the Su-27UB, intended as long-range interceptor, to fulfill those requirements.


With internal fuel tanks carrying 9400kg of fuel range of this aircraft can reach 3600km without refueling. Sharing of duties between pilot (aircraft control, close combat) and pilot-operator (long range combat, control over whole situation, coordination of up to 4 other fighters like Su-27) decreases combat stress on the crew. During continuous patrol flight pilot-operator can take control over aircraft to give pilot a break.

Radar system and optronics fire control complex allows simultaneously track 10 targets at range up to 100km and engage two at range up to 65km. Variety of ECM equipment fitted, including illumination warning system, active jamming station and passive chaff/flare dispensers.

(89k) from The Warplane Picture Gallery

Air refueling probe was first tested on the 2-seat Su-27UB. One of flights lasted 15h42min and covered 13440km with 4 refueling (Moscow - Komsomolsk-na-Amure - Moscow) was quite a test for aircraft and crew endurance.

During summer-fall 1988 two Su-27UB were rebuilt to became T-10PU-5/6 (factory designation 10-4PU) and flight tested same year.

Modification :
  • Su-30MK with more hardpoints and seriously revised target detection/tracking system;

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