Technical data
Type Su-34
Function fighter-bomber
Year 1993?
Crew 2
Engines 2*12800kg AL-31F
Wing Span 14.7m
Length 23.3m
Height 6.0m
Wing Area 62.0m2
Empty Weight ?
Maximum Weight 44360kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 716
Maximum Speed Mach 1.8
Ceiling 15000m (no payload)
Range 4000km (no refueling)
Armament 1*g30mm GSh-301
missiles, including reward firing
bombs 8000kg

Su-34/Su-32FN (Fighter Navy), T-10B by Sukhoj OKB

Photos (68k) by Jacques Guillem, from Le Fana de l'Aviation magazine July 1995, salon at Le Bourget

Advanced strike aircraft of Su-27 family. Same airframe carries several designation:

Photos (75k) by Jacques Guillem, from Le Fana de l'Aviation magazine July 1995, salon at Le Bourget
Photo (50k) by Ken Duffey ( taken at Moscow Aero-Kosmic Show 1995, found at Russian Aviation Page maintained by A.Gretchihine;

Appearance (except widened nose, canards and enlarged 'sting') is similar to other aircraft the Su-27. Aircraft has twin wheel main landing gear. Fixed air intakes limit maximum Mach number, but allow to accommodate larger landing gear. Wing and fuselage structure is strengthened.

(32k) From Roy Cochrun's Page

Cockpit canopy is used only for emergency ejection (0-0 K-36DM seat)and service access, while crew members use nosewheel 'well' as an entrance. Monolithic armor shell provides enough room for crew to exercise, accommodate small 'kitchen' and even lavatory.

Large tail 'sting' contains large radiotransparent section (reward-looking radar? jamming equipment?), brake parachutes and one of four fuel tanks.

VVS intends to replace all Su-24s with the Su-34.

Four hardpoints on each wing, two hardpoints on engine gondolas and two ventral centerline hardpoints can carry wide variety of armament for ground strike and air-to-air combat (see below). Su-34 is equipped with in-flight refueling system (night refueling is possible).

Air-to-Air Air-to-Surface Guided bombs Unguided weapons
  • up to 6 R-27
  • up to 6 R-73
  • up to 8 RVV-AE
  • up to 3 Kh-59M
  • up to 6 Kh-25M
  • up to 6 Kh-29
  • up to 6 Kh-31P(A)
  • up to 6 S-25L
  • up to 3 KAB-1500
  • up to 6 KAB-500
  • Assorted 100kg to 500kg free fall bombs
  • S-8 rockets in B-8M containers (20 in each)
  • S-13 rockets in UB-13 containers (5 in each)
  • S-25 rockets in O-25 launchers

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  • 'Russkaja Sila'
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