Technical data
Type Su-35
Function fighter
Year 1994?
Crew 1
Engines 2*13600 AL-31MF
or AL-35
Wing Span 15.16m
Length 21.96m
Height 6.84m
Wing Area 62m2
Empty Weight 18400kg
Maximum Weight 34000kg
Speed 2440km/h
Ceiling 18000m
Range 3500km
Armament 1*g30mm
bombs and/or rockets 8200kg on 14 hardpoints

Su-35, P.O.Sukhoj

(30k) from Paul Nann's Page

Improved 'glass cockpit' version of the Su-27, with canard foreplanes, more powerful radar, more powerful engines, and possibly thrust-vectoring nozzles, and an electronics upgrade.

(37k) from Paul Nann's Page

The first aircraft able to make Mach 1.0+... in vertical flight.

See also information "What is Su-35" at Alexej Gretchihine's RA FAQ;
(95k) From European Airshow Collection maintained by Herve Chapmpain
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