General Information
Type Su-38
Function Agricultural
Year 2001?
Crew 1
Type M-14P (M337AK?)
Power 360hp
Length 7.63m
Height 2.30m
Wingspan 11.15m
Wing area ?m2
Weights and loads
Empty 1050kg
Loaded 2100kg (1200kg?)
Wing Load (kg/m2) ?
Power load (kg/hp) 5.8
Maximum Speed (with attachments) 220km/h
Maximum Speed (clean) 300km/h
Landing ?km/h
Airstrip demand
Loaded 300m
Operational 1 to 15 m
Practical 800km
Fuel ?kg
Hopper or Fluid tank 1050l (400l)
Chemicals 400-600 kg

Su-38L (Su-38, S-38L) by KB Sukhoj

41k photo, courtesy of Yuri Sorokin (Aviation)

Advanced agricultural aircraft by Sukhoj OKB carries striking similarity with World-recognized aerobatic aircraft, except the hump-looking pilots cabin. Its is a classic duster, capable to disperse liquid and solid substances, as well as to perform aerial seeding. Su-38 may be also used as a firefighter against minor blazes.

  An-2M Su-38
Year 1948 1999?
Engine 1000hp ASh-62IR 360hp M-14P
Empty weight 2500kg 1050kg
Takeoff weight 5500kg 2100kg
Chemicals Tank 1960l 1050l
Length X Wingspan 12.4x18.3m 7.63x11.5m
Takeoff Run 200m 300m (airstrip demand)

Small aircraft carries a 1050l chemicals tank. This is 54% of the prominent An-2M duster, while the empty weight is 1/3 of the biplane veteran. Such increase of the weight efficiency is achieved by advanced airdynamic in combination with modern materials - Su-38 is whole-composite design.

Composites also provide necessary fire safety, corrosion resistance, service resource (10000h) and comfort. Pilot's cabin is pressurized (ventilation type) with air cleaning system appropriate for operations with chemicals. Adjustable seat and ergonomic controls create comfortable conditions for pilot while performing the job.

In June 2000 AO KB Sukhoj signed a decision to accelerate trials and certification of S-38L (SU-38L), declaring small duster its top priority civil project. Estimated market - 800 to 900 aircraft (Russian alone - 500).

Assembly of first five aircraft began in August 2000, field trials scheduled for Spring 2001 farming season.

Mass production of Su-38L is planned at "RazdanMash" plant at Armenia and at KAPO (Kazan Aviation-Industrial Complex) of Tatarstan.

It appears that some parameters of the aircraft have been revised, and technical data will be corrected as more information became available. There is also quite a mix of designations: S-38, Su-38, any of above with suffix "L" (Light). I wonder if this "L" is a designation of revised lightened variant with weaker engine...

Some commercial information
Lifetime 3,000 flight hours
Operation 300 h/year
Price 120.000 to 130.000 USD (80.000??)
Predecessors Modifications Competitors
? Not yet
Tu-54 VSKhS
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