Technical data
Type Su-7B
Function ground attack
Year 1956
Crew 1
Engines 1*10000kg Lyulka AL-7F
Speed 1700km/h
Range 1450km
Guns 2*g30mm

Su-7B, S-22 ('Fitter') by P.O.Sukhoj

Su-7B (43k) 'Fitter' at the Monino AF Museum by Paul Nann;

The Su-7B (bureau designation S-22) was a simple ground attack aircraft, similar to a Su-9 with a swept wing replacing the delta wing. Weapons load and range were limited, but the Su-7B was still useful close support aircraft thanks to its strong airframe and reliability.

Iraq, Algeria and North Korea still operate few dozens of Su-7B's.

Su-7(?), Su-7B and Su-7BKL (33k,43k,37k) 'Fitter' at the Monino AF Museum by Paul Nann
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