U-43, Su-9U, LLSu-9U by P.O.Sukhoj

44k drawing of series Su-9;
Courtesy of Russian Power

Project of two-seat trainer variant of Su-9 had internal designation U-43 (Uchebnyj T-43). Changes included adding 600mm fuselage extension (inserted near the cockpit). Sliding canopy was replaced by two hatch-type opening backwards.

IN addition to dual controls, all equipment (radar displays, weapon controls) was duplicated. This permitted to use Su-9U for a full-program training, starting form gaining handling skills to target shooting with real combat weapons. Trainer carried two R-2US missiles.

Prototype was converted from series aircraft (built at Factory 30) in 1960, and test-pilot E.K.Kukushev flew it first time on January 25, 1961. After trials cockpit layout and canopy were changed to improve instructor's view (see pictures below).

Production started at the end of 1961, and 50 Su-9U (factory 'Product 11') were built until production ceased at the end of 1962.

28k drawing of U-43 prototype, production Su-9U and LL Su-9U flying laboratory;
Courtesy of Russian Power

U-43 prototype was converted into flying laboratory LL Su-9U for ejection seats tests.


LL Su-9U

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