Technical data
Type T-3
Function Base Fighter design
Year 1956
Crew 1
Engines 1*9060kg Lyulka Al-7F
Length 16.75m
Wingspan 58.43m
Wing area 24.2m2
Empty weight kg
Loaded weight kg
Wing Load (kg/m2)
Power load (kg/hp)
Speed at 0m km/h
Speed at ?m 2100km/h
Landing Speed km/h
Landing Roll m sec
Takeoff Roll m sec
Turn time sec
Range km
Flight Endurance hmin
Ceiling 18000m
1000m min
Fuel kg
Rockets 2*

T-3, P.O.Sukhoj

b/w photo from Contest tour VI, Russian Airforce - people and aircraft

Prototype of fighter-interceptor with delta-wing. Project started in 1953, when P.O.Sukhoj OKB was restored after 3 years break. T-3 was developed in parallel with swept-wing S-1 front-line fighter in a record short time, thanks for sharing of technologies and parts between the projects.

T-3 took off on 26 May 1956, with test-pilot V.N.Mahalin at controls. The T-3 had a circular fixed supersonic nose intake with a pointed radome above it for the search radar, and a second spherical radome for the tracking radar in the inlet ('Almaz' system). Swept tailplane was installed on fuselage empennage in the mid position.

20k drawing from Mir Aviatsii 2/1993, Russian Power Site

Suggested armament consisted of two guided air-to-air missiles K-6 or K-7 (then under development). Flight trials and wind tunnel studies proved that radar housing induces too much drag. Problems and delays with K-6 and K-7 resulted in cancellation of projects, and armament of two early K-5M missiles (the only type in production) was found insufficient. Serious problems were caused by the engine: it was replaced four times during only 38 flight hours!

One prototype assembled, after trials (total 80 hours) re-built into T-43-1 with new radar in redesigned nose section and doubled armament.

PredecessorsModifications Developments


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