T-4, "100" by P.O.Sukhoj

I saw this photo (200k B/W) in 1985...1989 Krylia Rodiny magazine. But have no idea who scanned it

T-4 ("100") was a high-speed bomber with a striking similarity to the B-70 Valkyrie. The T-4 was a big four-engined jet with a double-delta wing and canards. Four engines were fitted under the wing in rectangular housings with sharp rectangular intakes.

It was fitted with a 'droop snoot' that offered good visibility in the landing configuration, but almost none in the high-speed configuration.

The first in the world aircraft to rely fully (see a comment on the flight-by-wire control system (developed in 1967), well ahead of Western counterparts. FBW system was a necessity due to flexibility of huge fuselage (2m wide, 44m long), excluding traditional hydro-mechanical controls. BTW, such a flexibility is quite unusual for Soviet/Russian aviation, relying on rather 'solid' aircraft frame.

It is believed that the 'aircraft 101' that set a Mach 1.89 record over 2000km closed circuit was a T-4.

At least 3 built, not later than 1972.

Monino, by Paul Nann (36k)

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