Technical data
Type T-411 Aist T-411 Aist-2
Function General
Year 1993
Crew 1..2 1
Engines 1*360hp M-14P 1*355hp M-14F
Length 9.50m 9.37m
Height 2.60m 2.56m
Wingspan 13.0m 12.6m
Wing area ?m2 24.05m2
Empty weight ?kg 1100kg
Loaded weight 1600kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) ? 66.5
Power load (kg/hp) 4.44 4.51
Economy Speed at 500m ?km/h 132km/h
Maximum Speed at 500m 220km/h 195km/h
Stall Speed ?km/h 70km/h
Landing Roll (H=15m 250m 290m
Takeoff Roll (H=15m) 240m 255m
Ferry Range (max fuel) 1200km 820km
Operational Ceiling 3000m
1000m ?min
Fuel 340l (260kg) 200l (150kg)
Cabin size LxWxH 2.98x 1.27x 1.3m3 1.60x 1.15x 1.25m3
Seats 3...4 4
Cargo 300kg 363kg
Price 160.000USD

T-411 'Aist' ('Aist-2') by Khrunichev OKB

Light multipurpose five-seat short take-off and landing (STOL) aircraft T-411 "Aist" is intended to carry passengers and cargoes over distances up to 1200km. The aircraft can be easily reconfigured to carry out the following missions:

Project started in September 1992 within conversion program. Prototype was finished in April 1993 and performed the first flight on November 10 same year.

The aircraft is built to feature a high degree of reliability and safety. It is easy in handling and maintenance, requires very simple ground equipment and has a comparatively low price. T-411 has a conventional aerodynamic configuration with high braces wing. The wing is unswept, two/spar, with constant chord. It is supported by V-brace struts and features fixed slats, slotted ailerons and single-slot flaps. Dihedral is 2, incidence is 330. The airfoil is NACA-23011. The root area containing the fuel tanks (340l, gravity fueling) is covered with metal skin.

The fuselage is of rectangular truss construction wielded from steel tubes. Each side of the cabin is provided with a forward opening door. The cargo compartment located aft of the cabin is provided with a large upward/opening door on port side to load cargoes, baggage or a stretcher. The tail until has a taper vertical fin with a dorsal fin and a straight constant-chord stabilizer. The tail surfaces are covered with the "STITS" fabric. The landing gear is of conventional tail-wheel type with non-retractable units. Each main spring-type unit has a brake-fitted wheel, 600x180 mm, while the tail spring-type unit has a castoring wheel, 300x135mm.

Provisions have been made to install floats and skis.

Reliable reciprocating nine-cylinder air-cooled M-14P engine drives 3-blade variable-pitch MTV-9 propeller, 27V GSR-3000M DC generator and air compressor. "Lycoming" or "Continental" engines rated at 350hp are optional. Aircraft pneumatic system has 50atm bottle, providing air for the engine start and wheel brakes (main and emergency systems). Cabin ventilation and heating system uses the ambient air heated by the hot air form the engine oil cooler.

The aircraft control system is made dual for the left and right pilot stations. The ailerons, elevators and rudder are controlled mechanically by hand while the elevator trim tabs and flaps are controlled electrically.

The standard set of the on-board equipment can provide execution of flights in the VFR weather conditions. The set consists of the basic flight instruments including gyro horizon AGB-96B, automatic direction finder ARK 25, global positioning system (GPS), instrument landing system (ILS) and radio/communication equipment. An option is offered to the customers to have additional equipment installed on the aircraft to perform flights in the IFR weather conditions (like weather radar).

'Aist-2' one-pilot variant differs by smaller size, different engine, 2-blade propeller and smaller fuel capacity.

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