Technical data
Type Ta-1
Function Escort Fighter, Attack
Year 1939 1940
Crew 1
Engines 2*1000hp Tumansky M-88 2*1100hp Tumansky M-88R
Wing Span - 12.66m
Length 8.43m 9.83m
Height - 3.76m
Maximum Weight - 6000kg
Speed - 595km/h
Range - 1060km
Guns 4*g20mm ShVAK
2*12.7mm BS
4*g20mm ShVAK
2*7.62mm ShKAS

Ta-1/OKO-6, Ta-1bis/OKO-6bis, V.K.Tairov

170k b/w OKO-6 (side view) and OKO-6bis (3 views) "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.53

In accordance with decree of the SNK USSR and VKPB Central Commetee N°256 from 29.10. 1938 (along with his own initiative) Tairov consigned the development of single-seat twin-engined armored fighter.

The role of aircraft designated OKO-6, was dual: the escort fighter and ground attack aircraft for engaging armored targets. In its construction everything was aimed on providing highest speed: the installation of 1000hp (at 7550m) M-88 engines with extremely small dimensions, minimal fuselage cross section and good aerodynamics.

Deserves to be mentioned, that the length of plane, wing area and wing span were practically equal to similar ones of single-engined Hurricane.

The Ta-1 was a compact monoplane of mixed construction. Engines were installed with opposite rotation to eliminate reaction momentum - it was a must on such a light aircraft. Central and front sections of the fuselage - duralumin, tail - wood. Cockpit had front and rear armor protection. Wings and engine nacells used aluminum-magnesium alloy.

Flights started on December 31, 1939. During tests single tail fas replaced by twin tailfin construction.

The second prototype (Ta-1bis) had twin tailfins and longer tail to cure a directional stability problem, as well as more efficient M-88R engines. It was flown in October 1940. Handling and stability were substantially improved.

Development of the OKO-6bis was continued as the Ta-3.

  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.52-53;
  • Article of A.N. Medved & V.Ju. Golobkov 1995 (c), courtesy of Sergey V. Andreev;

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