Technical data
Type TA-1 (1st) TA-1 (2nd) TAF
Function Transport Amphibian Aerial photography
Year 1947 1948 1948
Crew 2...3
Engines 2*570/700hp ASh-21
Length 14.0m
Wingspan 17.2m 17.8m 17.8m
Wing area 43.0m2 43.6m2 43.6m2
Empty weight 4658kg 4510kg 4268kg
Loaded weight 6255kg 6107kg 5758kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 145 140 132
Power load (kg/hp) 5.5 5.4 4.1
Speed at 1700m 320km/h 328km/h 330km/h
Landing Speed 112km/h 110km/h 106km/h
Landing Roll 380m 380m 440m
Takeoff Roll 240m 240m 240m
Range 700km 700km 1200km
Ceiling 4400m 4700m 5900m
Fuel & Oil 550+55kg
Seats 8 8 n/a
Cargo 1000kg 1000kg Photo Equipmentkg

TA-1 and TAF amphibians by I.V.Chetverikov

72k b/w TA-1 (2nd) and its creators, from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.281

Transport parasol amphibian with retractable 'dry' landing gear and underwing floats. All-metal aircraft with fabric skin on ailerons and tail controls. Aircraft had very simple and technological construction, using only basic stamp-made duralumin profiles. It was built in three variants, different from each other.

Total payload (1000kg, including 8 passengers) was quite good for amphibian of this size.

TA-1 (1st variant) had constant chord (2.5m) wing, equipped with flaps and ailerons. Underwing float in retraced served as the wingtips. Spacious passenger cabin was divided by wheel wells in two sections, connected by aisle.

This variant was finished in July 1947. Flown from land and water until November 1947. During ferry flight landing gear strut was broken and hull was damaged during landing. Aircraft was repaired by abandoned because Design Bureau was closed.

The second TA-1 (shown on the photo above) differs by rounded wingtips and different float retraction mechanism. Built in early 1948, it passed factory trials in May without any problems and on June 20 was send to the State Acceptance trials. Like the 1st variant, it was abandoned without state trials.

TAF aerial variant had increased wing with tapered tips. Pre-trials flights (starting Summer 1948) were successful, but project was cancelled as well as previous two.

81k drawing of TA-1 2nd from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" by V.B.Shavrov, Vol.2 p.281;
Used for background on this page.

  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.280-282;
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