Technical data
Type Ta-3 Ta-3bis
Function Escort Fighter, Attack
Year 1941 1942
Crew 1
Engines 2*1150hp Tumansky M-89
Wing Span 14.0m 14.0m
Length 12.2m 9.8m
Height 3.76m -
Wing Area - 33.5m2
Empty Weight - 4500kg
Maximum Weight - 6626kg
Speed at 0m - 448km/h
Speed at 7200m 580km/h 595km/h
Range 2056km 2065km
Ceiling - 11000km
3000m - 5.0min
5000m - 10.4min
Guns 2*g20mm ShVAK

Ta-3/Ta-3bis, V.K.Tairov

130k b/w, courtesy of Sergey V. Andreev

The Ta-3 was based on the Ta-1bis, but with a larger wing (slightly swept forward for balance reasons on second Ta-3bis) and heavier cannon armament. It also was powered with more powerful engine.

Performance was good, pilots suggested to install M-82.

Production plans were cancelled because of the difficult military situation in 1942.

Development of the Ta-3 was continued as the OKO-7.

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  • Article of A.N. Medved & V.Ju. Golobkov 1995 (c) courtesy of Sergey V. Andreev;

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