General Information
Type "Taran" TA-1
Function Ramming Interceptor
Year 1932 1933
Crew 1 none
Powerplant (1)
Type ? ?
Speed (km/h)
at 5000m 400 360+
Range (km)
Practical ? ?
Ferry ? not applicable
Flight Endurance 1h
Ceiling (m)
Practical 7000 to 8000 8000 to 8500
Operational 5000 6000 to 7000
Climb (min)
5000m 6 ?
Guns up to 12 none
Bombs up to 3 for dropping on bombers Bomb itself

"Taran" Ta-1 project

Project of ramming fighter, one of few in "Special Project Group". It mentioned in documents dated March 1932, among projects already revised and approved by Tukhachevskij. Projects of the "Special Group" were developed in extreme secrecy. Even routine procedures of the Technical Requirements and Mockup approval by Industry representatives were omitted. Trials were carried out at specially sealed areas. There were no plans to deploy "Taran" and other "Special Group" aircraft with VVS RKKA in peacetime.

The idea was to approach the enemy bombers from a steep dive and perform attack at the closest possible range. Several variants were in consideration:

All variants of manned "Taran" presumed adequate armor protection for the pilot and/or his safe escape (see this document).

Some sources mention that specialized "Taran" project was suspended in Winter 1932- 1933 after engineer Chernyshov suggested to use normal fighter with special hanging attachments for the same purpose. Attachments were under construction at Factory N°22.

In April 1933 special report "Definition of Ramming Attack Physiology" by Vershinin was presented at Tactic-Technical meeting at NII VVS, together with requirements to special PVO aircraft.

July 1933 - appears as the end of the "Taran". Final calculations proved that performance required for effective ramming attack can not be satisfied. Conversion into normal fighter was found unworthy. The BNK was merged with TsKB of Factory N°39, and all developments ceased.

Similar aircraft (or was it the same one?) is mentioned in plans of Grokhovslij OSKONPROBURO for year 1933 as G-34. Later (in 1935) the G-39 "Cucaracha" was built by same team.

G-39 'Cuckaracha'

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