Technical data
Type TSh-2, TsKB-21
Function Ground attack
Year 1931
Crew 2
Engines 1*500/680hp BMW-VI, 1*500/680hp M-17
Maximum Speed 213km/h
Turn time 17sec
Ceiling 4220m
Guns 8*mg7.62mm PV-1
2*mg 7.62mm DA (gunner)
Bombs ?

TSh-2, TsKB-21 by D.P.Grigorovich

Development of the TSh-1 armored attack aircraft with several:

Two prototypes entered trials in late 1931, powered by imported BMW-VI engines. Flight performance was good, and series production was ordered with domestic M-17 engine. New engine brought back old problems with cooling...

First ten TSh-2 were finished in 1932, and production was cancelled in favor of more promising monoplane TSh-3 (TsKB-4) which was already under development.

In 1932 one of TSh-2 was re-engined with experimental W-engine (three raws of cylinders) engine M-27. Test flights by Yu.I.Piontkovskij revealed no advantages.



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