Technical data
Year 1935
Function reconnaissater, light bomber
Crew 2
Engine Gnome-Rhone 14krds 670/720hp
Empty Weight 1,940kg
Takeoff Weight 2,730kg
Speed 0m : 366km/h
Speed ?????m 460km/h
Climb 5,000m : 8.7min
Range 840km
Ceiling 9,000m
Wing Span 12.0m
Wing Area 24.15m2
Length 10.0m
Armament 2*g20mm
bombs 400kg

TsKB-27/SR, S.A.Kocherigin

Contour drawing (12k) of TsKB-27/SR from 'Modelist-Konstructor' magazine

Advanced design of high speed reconnaissance monoplane, tested at NII VVS during Summer 1935. Despite record high speed, military experts turned it down because of unsuccessful mechanism of gear retraction. Attempts to bring aircraft into production "on any price" killed the project - next modification (R-9) had fixed landing gears and lost contest with Neman's R-10;

  • SR/R-9 at Sky Corner

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