TsKB-3, N.N.Polikarpov

When New-York Stock Market crushed on 29 October 1929, the depression weakened economies of the US and Europe saw the USSR as a prosperous export market to help their crippled industries going. At the same time, the USSR needed more know-how to achieve high industrial goals. This open possibilities of a cooperation between high-tech companies with Communist state-run economy.
As a result, the Wright-Cyclone SGR-1820 F-3 was supplied to the USSR, and the license agreement was negotiated. This stimulated development of a new fighter, despite the sucessful I-5 already was in production.
New biplane differed from the I-5 with it's gulled upper wing with decreased load. Some secondary steel frame elements of the I-5 were replaced by rolled Duralumin, providing significant frame weight reduction.
Once tests were completed, aircraft was cleared for production as a I-15;
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  • TsKB-3, Polikarpov
    Technical information
    Type TsKB-3
    Function fighter prototype
    Year 1933
    Crew 1
    Engines 1*630hp Wright-Cyclone SGR-1820 F-3
    Speed 350km/h at 3000m
    324km/h at 0m
    360deg. turn 8sec
    Armament 4*mg PV-1 7.62mm

    Modified August 9, 1996
    by Alexandre Savine;
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