Technical data
Function prototype of ground-attack aircraft
Year 1939
Crew 2
Engine 1,360hp AM-35 12cyl liquid-cooled
Speed Ground 362km/h
Guns 4(wings)+1(rear) mg7.62mm ShKAS
2*g23mm PTB (wings) for BSh-2
Bombs 4(wing bays)+2(external)b*100kg or

TsKB-55/BSh-2, S.V.Ilyushin

TsKB-55 - 2 seat prototype of the Il-2, precursor of TsKB-57. Built following S.V.Ilyushin original concept of 2-seater with rear gunner position. Had four armored bomb bays in the wing. Supercharged AM-35 gave its best performance at 4,500m (see MiG-3), but at the low altitude supercharger absorbed a lot of power - and ground level speed was only 362km/h.

Despite this and other shortcomings (short range, poor forward view and weak firepower) general impression of army representatives was favorable, and ten pre-series aircraft were ordered under military designation BSh-2 with two 23mm PTB cannons.

But not only those ten, just the second TsKB-55 with new engine and increased firepower was not flown as two-seaters... (see TsKB-57 tale).

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