Technical data
Type Tu-126
Function AWACS
Engines 4*14795hp Kuznetsov NK-12MV
Speed 805km/h
Ceiling 12200m
Range 9650km
Armament ?

Tu-126 / Tu-24(?), A.N.Tupolev'Moss'

(46k) From Ever Changing Page of Roy Cochrun...

The Tu-114, a civil development of the 'Bear' with a more capacious fuselage, was the basis for the first Soviet AWACS aircraft, the 'Moss'. (The Tu-114D or Tu-116 retained the narrow fuselage.) Its capability has been the subject of many contradictory assessments. For example, it had poor look-down capability, and was not able to track cruise missiles and other low flying objects.

Tu-24 is (possibly) service designation for Tu-126;

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