Technical data
Type Tu-160D
Function bomber
Year 1985
Crew 4
Engines 4*22,940kg (25500kg?) NK-321
Landing weight 150,000kg
Speed M=2.05 at 12000m
Speed 1030km/h at 0m
Landing 280km/h
Max.Ceiling 18300m
Operating Ceiling 16000m
Climb at 0m 65m/sec
Range 12300km
Armament total load 40,000kg
24 AA Kh-25
16,300kg bombs and
2 rotary launchers
Each launcher can carry 12 Kh-15P (AS-16 "kickback") SRAMs or 6 Kh-55 (AS-15 "Kent"), recently replaced by AS-19

Tu-160, A.N.Tupolev 'Blackjack'

Photo (32k) by Christian Laugier, from Le Fana de l'Aviation magazine July 1995, salon at Le Bourget;

Variable geometry bomber, similar in appearance to the B-1 but much bigger. Facts from different sources often contradict each other, so I made kind of 'averaging'.

Photo (41k) by Paul Nann taken at Moscow AeroSpace Show 1995;

See collection of comments about Tu-160 at Alexej Gretchihine RA FAQ;
This photo in full size with some information is available at Sergei's Aviation Page, maintained by Sergej Podshivalov
All we will be there... Photo (40k) by Paul Nann taken at Moscow AeroSpace Show 1995;

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