Technical data
Type Tu-204-120
Function Passenger
Year 1992
Crew 3
Engines 2*19500kg Rolls-Roys RB211-535E4
Length 46.2m
Wingspan 42m
Wing area 182.4m2
Empty weight 58300kg
Loaded weight 103000kg
Landing weight 88200kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 565
Cruise Speed 850km/h
Airstrip demand 1800m
Range 6500km
Cruise Ceiling 12600m
Load 21000kg
Cabin LxWxH 30.18x 3.57x 2.16m3
Seats (economy) 214
Seats (economy+ business) 196
Seats (economy+ business+ first) 168

Tu-204-120 by Tupolev ANTK

34k Tu-204-120 on static display, (From Eugeni Dvurechenskij's MAKS97 Gallery)

Export variant of the Tu-204 medium range airliner with British engines. Flown first time on 14 August 1992. Series production since 1997.

Lufthansa has expressed interest in acquiring one or more Tupolev Tu-204-120 aircraft, according to Tupolev chief designer Lev Lanovsky. During an interview with Russian press agency Itar-Tass, Mr. Lanovsky says the German airline's interest in the Russian aircraft is justified by its lower cost while being fitted with Rolls Royce engines and AlliedSignal and Honeywell equipment. Other advantages of the Tu-204 include the high quality of the materials and the high standard of assembly, according to Mr. Lanovsky. The Tu-204-120 has a maximum capacity of 212 passengers, a 4,500 Km (2,810 miles) range and costs USD 37 millions, whereas equivalent Western aircraft such as the Airbus A310 or the Boeing 757 cost from 50 to 100% more.



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