Technical data
Type Tu-204
Function Passenger
Year 1989
Crew 3
Engines 2*16000kg PS-90A
Length 46.2m
Wingspan 42m
Wing area 182.4m2
Empty weight 58300kg
Loaded weight 94600kg
Landing weight 88000kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 520
Cruise Speed 850km/h
Landing Speed ?km/h
Airstrip demand 1550m
Ferry Range 7000km
Operational Range 3700km
Cruise Ceiling 12600m
Load 21000kg
Cargo 12 containers 2AC-0.7
Fuel 24000kg
Cabin LxWxH 30.18x 3.57x 2.16 m3
Seats (economy) 214
Seats (economy+ business) 196
Seats (economy+ business+ first) 168

Tu-204 by Tupolev ANTK

24k Tu-204 displaying at MACS-95, Zhukovsky (Russia); (From Paul Nann's Gallery)

Medium range passenger airplane. The Tu-204 was ordered in 1986 to replace the Tu-154 in Aeroflot service. Tu-204 is the first Russian domestic passenger aircraft, equipped with digital flight control system, allowing full-automatic landing in minimum category IIIa IKAO weather conditions. 'Dark cockpit' conditions also help to relieve crew stress during flight.

Maiden flight was performed on January 2, 1989. Aircraft was certified in December 1994.

Designed to compete with the 757 and the A321 on international market, the Tu-204 has domestic fly-by-wire controls, a two person glass cockpit and may be fitted with Rolls Royce or Pratt & Whitney engines, as well as with domestic PS-90A

The RB211-powered Tu-204 is a modern single-aisle airliner designed to carry around 200 passengers over distances of up to 5750km. It is the first Russian-built passenger aircraft to fly with western engines and its certification in July by the Russian ARMAK aviation authority is expected to open the door to a large potential market in many areas of the world.

Fly-by-wire system of the Tu-204 was evaluated for 12 months by Bodenseewerk Gerätechnik.

Tu-204 carries GPS receiver and four-channel GLONASS receiver, both developed at VNIIRA. Its computerized control system provided real-time diagnostics of all vital on-board equipment.

Seat spacing is 81cm in economy, 96cm in business and 99cm in first class.

Over 23 built or ordered by domestic and foreign carriers with cost per unit is about $35 million. One aircraft is built for president of Russia.

In production since 1995.

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