Technical data
Type Tu-214
Function Passenger Transport
Year 1996?
Crew 3
Engines 2*16000kg PS-90A
Length 46.0m
Height 13.9m
Wingspan 42.0m
Wing area 182.4m2
Empty weight 50000kg
Empty equipped 59000kg
Loaded weight (max) 110750kg
Landing weight (max) 89500kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 607
Cruise Speed 830km/h
Landing Strip (sea level) 2000m
Range (maximum load) 6500km
Cruise Ceiling 7200m
Service Ceiling 12100m
Maximum Load (total) 50000kg
Fuel 32000l
Cabin size LxWxH 30.18x 3.57x 2.16 m3
Seats (economy only) 210
Seats (economy+ business) 196
Seats (economy+ business+ first) 168

Tu-214 (Tu-204-200) by Tupolev KB

29k Tu-214 at Farnborough, Hampshire, FI96;
(From Paul Nann's Gallery

Version of the Tu-204 (Tu-204-200) with extended range and increased payload. Aircraft has strengthened airframe and additional fuel tank. It is designed to transport cargo/passengers on the medium or long-range routes. Tu-214 can carry up to 210 passengers or 18 cargo containers. Configurations include 6 containers and 130 passengers, 16 containers and 30 passengers.

Electronic and navigation equipment identical to the Tu-204, with provision for SAT-906 satellite communication set and TCAS collision preventing system.

Capabilities of the Kazan Aviation Industrial Association (KAPO) allow to roll out up to 24 aircraft per year. Five pre-series aircraft assembly started in second half of 1994. Aircraft is in series production since 1996.




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