Technical data
Type Tu-22M3
Function Strategic medium range bomber
Year 1983?
Engines 2*NK-25
Power at m
Length m
Height m
Wingspan m
Wing area m2
Empty weight kg
Loaded weight kg
Wing Load (kg/m2)
Maximum Speed
Low altitude 1240km/h
High altitude 2300km/h
Landing Speed km/h
Landing Roll m sec
Takeoff Roll m sec
Turn time sec
Range 6800km
Flight Endurance hmin
Service Ceiling 13300m
1000m min
Fuel kg
Guns ?
Bombs 24000kg assorted
Rockets 2*Kh-22
?*Kh-55 or Kh-65

Tu-22M3, Tupolev OKB

Development of the Tu-22M2 medium range bomber, in production in 1986 ... 1993 with about 200 aircraft built.

Main modification was done to powerplant by introduction of new Kuznetsov NK-25 engines. With same payload service ceiling was increased by 700m and speed was boosted by 300...500km/h (depending on altitude). Operational range also increased.

Major role of this aircraft was destruction of aircraft carrier groups using Kh-22 nuclear-armed high speed missiles (range 400 to 450km (high altitude launch) and speed of 3000 to 3600km/h). In 'land' service Tu-22M3 may be armed with long range nuclear capable cruise missiles (Kh-55, Kh-65) or guided bombs like UPAE-1500. Free fall nuclear bombs are an option, as well as various combinations of FAB series conventional bombs (from 68*FAB-250 to few FAB-3000.

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