Technical data
Type Tu-234 Tu-204-300
Function Passenger short-route Passenger long-route
Year 2001?
Crew 2
Engines 2*16110kg PS-90P
Length 40.2m
Height 13.9m
Wingspan 40.88m
Wing area 182.4m2
Empty weight 54000kg
Loaded weight 103t 86t
Wing Load (kg/m2) 564 471
0.31 0.37
Cruise Speed 850km/h
Airstrip demand 1600m 2050m
Range 3400km 9250km
Service Ceiling 21600m
Fuel 34000l
Cabin size LxWxH 25x3.57x2.16m3
Seats 99 to 166
Cargo 18000kg
7*AK-7 containers

Tu-234 (Tu-204-300) by Lev Panovskij ( Tupolev KB)

From The Research Institute of Aviation Industry Economy, courtesy of Yuri Sorokin

Passenger airliner for short, medium and long routes. Variant of Tu-204-100 with shortened by 6m fuselage. High level of automatics allows crew of two operate aircraft on routes up to 9250km. Flight data is displayed on six color monitors. On-board real-time computers perform monitoring of the powerplant, satellite guidance system and other vital aircraft systems.

Development of this airliner began in early 90's. First airframe was under assembly at Uljanovsk Aviastar factory, but construction was frozen in 1996 at almost 100% readiness. In early 2000 preparations to the first flight were renewed, and first flight is planned for the end of the year or early 2001

The second Tu-234 was converted from the Tu-204-100 prototype in 1995, but was never flown.

Since the Tu-234 is a variant of already certified Tu-204-100, certification may be carried out by shortened program - just 50 flight-hours.

Ground trials started in 1994. First demonstrated on public at MAKS'95 Airshow.

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