Technical data
Type Tu-330
Function Cargo
Year 2000
Crew 3
Engines 2*16140/17500kg PS-90A
Length 42.0m
Height 14.0m
Wingspan 43.5m
Wing area 177.8m2
Empty weight ?kg
Loaded weight 103.5t
Loaded weight (unpaved field) 93.0t
Wing Load (kg/m2) 0.58
Cruise Speed 800...820km/h
Airstrip demand (paved) 2000m
Airstrip demand (unpaved) 2100m
Airstrip demand (landing) 1600m
30t load 3000km
20t load 5600km
Cruise Ceiling 12000m
Fuel ?kg
Cabin size LxWxH 19x4x4m3
Cargo 35,000kg

Tu-330 cargo plane, A.N.Tupolev ANTK

27k photo from Paris-97 photo gallery by Alexej Gretchihine

High-wing jet-engined STOL transport (based on the Tu-204), development of which began in April 1994 by Governmental degree. Aircraft utilizes cockpit equipment, advanced flight control system and wing of its predecessor. The PS-90A and NK-93 engines are considered.

The goal was to have in 1998 a 103500kg aircraft (pilot batch of 10 was scheduled), with a maximum payload of 35000kg. Due to known financial troubles project was postponed until 2000.

There is strong contest with the Ukrainian O.K.Antonov An-70 which was selected as the future tactical transport of the Russian Air Force. Troubles of the last one can help A.N.Tupolev Bureau to regain positions.

Some innovations like joystick controls (tested on Tu-160), improved loading-unloading system, better general design. Despite fuselage is smaller than one of the Il-76, cargo hall is larger.

27k photo from Paris-97 photo gallery by Alexej Gretchihine

The Tu-330 is a wide-body medium transport aircraft, which is to replace the An-12. This fleet upgrade will proved a 60% increase in cruising speed, 75% increase in maximum load-lifting capacity, 700% increase in range, and 100% to 150% increase in fuel efficiency. The Tu-330 is capable of carrying a wide range of cargoes with a total load of 35t, including 5t on the ramp. The dimensions of the cargo compartment allow cargoes to be arranged in standardized containers IC and ICC, aircraft containers UAK-2.5, UAK-5 and UAK-10, on aircraft rigid and flexible pallets PA-5.6, PA-3, PA-4 and PA-6.8 packaged long- and large size cargoes to be carried in bulk. It is also possible to lift self-propelled and non-selfpropelled tracked and wheeled equipment.

The Government Decree also states that the Ministry of Defence should present to the Government suggestions concerning prospects for employing Tu-330 aircraft in the interest of the Russian armed forces as military transport aircraft.

The aircraft is provided with built-in load handling equipment and a system for adjustment of the height of the cargo compartment floor relative to the ground, which allows independent loading and unloading of any cargoes, including those in containers adopted in JSO and JATA. The pressurized cargo compartment allows transportation of animals and perishable goods. The Tu-330 is provided with a modern digital flight control and navigation system, which allows the aircraft to be used in any climatic areas in all weather conditions, day or night. The modern systems adopted for the aircraft reduce the likelihood of aircrew errors, and allow for a maximum of 10man-hrs maintenance per flying hour and an annual flying time of 3,500hours.


Tu-338 cryogenic fuel

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