Technical data
Type Tu-334
Function Passenger
(medium range)
Year 1999
Crew 2+attendants
Engines 2*7500kg Progress D-436(TI/T2/TP)
2*5800kg Rolls-Roys BR710-48
Length 31.26m
Height 9.38m
Fuselage diameter 4.0m
Wingspan 29.77m
Wing area 83.22m2
Empty weight 29984kg
Maximum zero fuel weight 41050kg
Maximum take-off weight 46100kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 554
0.32 (0.25)
Cruise Speed 800...820km/h
Landing Speed ?km/h
Takeoff Field Length 2000m
Range (maximum load) 2000km
Range (normal load) 2900km
Cruise Altitude 10600...11100m
Cabin Length 17.84m
Cabin Width 3.57m
Cabin Height 2.15m
Seats 102 economy
86 with First and Business class sections
Commercial Load 11000kg
Fuel capacity 11711l
Price estimation (basic) US$ 13...15million
Price estimation (export) US$ 19...25million

Tu-334 by Igor Kalygin ( Tupolev KB)

Tu-334 prior to maiden flight, photo (13k) by Sergey Sergeev published by Military Parade

Short-route 102-passenger aircraft is to replace aging Tu-134 fleet. General layout similar to elder predecessor, but Tu-334 features a high proportion of composite materials. The wing is downscaled one from Tu-204. Many other system are also borrowed from larger sibling. Even the cockpits are identical. Cabin comfort improved, noise level reduced (by half) and most important fuel consumption per passenger cut by half.

Tu-334 programme started in 1986. First flight was originally scheduled for 1991.

Small photo from MAKS-97 overview by Serge Lazukov;

Service entry was targeted for 1993, but economical disaster in the USSR/CIS delayed prototype flights for several years. Nevertheless, two airframes were built at the Tupolev works in Moscow. Transfer to the Zhukovsky flight test center was accomplished in 1993. Tu-334 was rolled out first time during MAKS-95 airshow (August 1995, but at that time the aircraft had few if any of its systems installed.

On June 16 1997 Rolls-Royce has signed with Russian manufacturer Tupolev to power its Tu-334-120 twin-engine regional jet with BR710-48 turbofan. BRR plans to deliver two 5800kg thrust BR710-48 engines to Tupolev at the beginning of 1998 for the mechanical adaption. Western avionics and engine control system installation is optional, but domestic three-channel digital controls with three-channel analog backup system is preferable. It provides automatic aircraft guidance along optimal routes and landing under category III IKAO conditions.

Certain mechanical, electrical and hydraulic interfacing problems are to be solved. The Tu-334-120 could receive Western and Russian certification by the end of 1999. As Russian airlines will have to replace much of their fleets in the coming years, both partners in the project see a large market for the new aircraft.

ADI News : August 18, 1997 - Russia and Ukraina are finalizing a deal to set up a final-assembly line for the Tupolev Tu-334 at Isfahan, Iran. According to Tupolev, letter of intent for 160 aircraft already available from 14 Russian air companies.

Finally, after financial and weather delays, the Tu-334 got off the ground on February 8, 1999 at 12.50 pm, for a 31 minute maiden flight (see Maiden Flight Report). Test pilot Andrei Soldatenkov was at the controls, with Sergei Borisov, Evgeni Kuzmin, Evgeni Koudryatsev and Alexandre Philipsky also on board. In its first flight the aircraft was powered by two economical D-436(TI/T2/TP) turbofans designed by V.A.Lotarev. All ICAO specifications are met in respect of ground noise end engine smoke levels. Certification is now targeted for 2001, enough funding permitting. It is said that 1000 flights are needed to cover the test programme.

Tu-334 will be manufactured in two versions different by wing geometry. Three big plants will cooperate on this program - those in Kiev (AVIANT), Samara and Taganrog.

Pulkovo Airlines may became the first Russian campaign to operate new aircraft - 2 to 4 Tu-334 are scheduled to carry passengers in 2002 together with seriously upgraded Tu-154 and Tu-134.



(or Tu-354)
stretched, 126 tourist or 110+8 first class
NK-112 engines
Tu-334C (cargo) Tu-336

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