Technical data
Type Tu-54 VSKhS
Function Agricultural
Year ?
Crew 1
Engine 360hp M-14P
Propeller VISh-9
Length 8.6m
Height 2.9m
Wingspan 12.6m
Wing area 22.5m2
Empty weight 1230kg
Loaded weight 2190kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 97.3
Power load (kg/hp) 6.1
Maximum Speed 280km/h
Stall Speed 88km/h
Landing Roll 265m
Airstrip demand (landing) 431m
Takeoff Roll 580m
Range 850km
Flight Endurance ?h
Ceiling ?m
at 0m 4.2m/sec
Fuel ?kg
Chemicals 800kg

Tu-54 (VSKhS) by Tupolev ANTK

11k model photo, courtesy of Sergey Andreev

Low-wing strut single-engine taildragger monoplane. High 'hump'-style pilot's cabin provides excellent view. Aircraft is equipped with all necessary air cleaning, ventilation and conditioning systems required by agricultural dusting/spraying/seeding works. Tu-54 cockpit is equipped with advanced avionics and flight control systems, allowing safe operation at 'grass-top' altitudes and low speeds.

Aircraft is optimised for maneuverable low altitude operation at speeds in range 120 to 160km/h. Agricultural equipment is supplied by Krasnodar AO "PANKh".

Production of 5 series aircraft (at least) started.

Russia and Kyrgyzstan are to set up a joint aircraft construction company to build the Tu-54 (and Tu-34 light aircraft), according to a Russian government statement. The aircraft are to be built at a former defence plant in the capital, Bishkek. The go-ahead for the project was given by Kyrgyz president Askar Akayev during his recent visit to Russia, and the project is to be financed by Russian credits extended to Kyrgyzstan under Kyrgyz government guarantees. Tupolev's Kyrgyz partner in the project is the Dastan corporation, which currently manufactures road vehicles. Setting up production of the two aircraft has been costed at US$32 million for the Tu-34 and US$8 million for the Tu-54, according to Tupolev deputy chief desinger Aleksandr Pravdivy.

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